Wallpaper Comeback

Don't Be Afraid

Is Wallpaper Making a Comeback?


How to Incorporate into Your Home.

Wallpaper has been making a huge comeback over the past few years. The turn of the century brought in trends in interior design of everything having a paint or faux finish. Then gradually, feature walls began to trend to make a beautiful focal point for the room, particularly on far bedroom walls and for fire surrounds and chimney breasts. 

Paper the 5th Wall

As time has gone on, we started to see wallpapered opposite walls, and now – more so after the last year – we’ve found our clients are becoming bold and brave with fully-papered walls and some even do the 5th wall – the ceiling!

It may seem strange to paper the ceiling, but the effect can be modern and striking when the right design is chosen.

Push the Boundaries

As designs continue to change and progress, the boundaries are being pushed with the patterns, designs, and materials used. The possibilities are endless; from conventional vinyl to woven wood, along with the elegance of Swarovski crystals, natural grasscloths, and screen-printed designs. The opportunities to push the boundaries are endless!

But Don’t Lose the Practicality

You can create some incredible designs in your home, but it’s still important to choose the correct wallpaper for the job. As much as we love how the designs look, they may not be suitable for the area we’ve designated. High-traffic areas, for example, aren’t suitable. Often, one knock with a chair leg or something similar will tear the paper and ruin the design, so it’s worth looking into the materials of the wallpaper and choosing one that is right for your space.

Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

This adage is true – if you don’t prepare your surfaces properly, you simply won’t achieve the level of finish you’re looking for. This is true of any wallpaper but especially true for specialist and fine wallpapers. Ensure that the correct adhesive has been selected and is applied as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. If in doubt, call them and they’ll help you make the right decisions.

Every wallpaper requires different handling and installation techniques, so care and attention must be taken to ensure the finest finish possible. Don’t be afraid to find something new and daring in your home, the right wallpaper can transform a room entirely and give it a completely new and fresh feel, so it’s well worth taking the time searching for the right design for you and your space. 

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