Installing Wallpaper and Wallcoverings for OVER Two Decades

Entrusted installers for some of the world’s leading wall-covering and wallpaper manufacturers and a portfolio of delighted customers to match.

Entrusted Installers

We are Entrusted Installers with many of the world’s leading wall-covering and wallpaper manufacturers. Correct installation and decoration is essential when working with high-quality luxurious materials. From ensuring the walls are properly prepared to handling the fine materials, manufacturers know that for the right results, a qualified approved installer is essential.

Wallpaper & Wallcoverings

Walls make up more space than any other surface in your home or workplace. The covering you choose becomes the canvas of anything that will take place in the room. That’s why simple white walls have ruled as the standard for years. But those who want more from their interior spaces now have more wall covering options to choose from than ever before. Transform your office, lounge or home with interesting textures, colours, and designs… Only your imagination sets the limits!

All that being said, even the world’s greatest wallpaper and wallcovering materials only look as good as their installation. When you begin a project, selecting a specialist to carry out the installation of a wallpaper or a wallcovering is a worthwhile investment since you have a guarantee that everything is done correctly. At Paul Walden Interiors our years of dedication to our craft has earned us the privilege to be an Approved Installer of some of the world’s leading wallpaper and wall covering manufacturers.


Your expert advisor in making the right choice every time

Before the installation project even begins, Paul personally makes sure to guide every client to make the right decision. It is important to us that you have the information you need to choose the perfect wallpaper the first time. You shouldn’t waste time redoing the project in a few years because the wrong wall covering was selected.

A solid foundation leads to a superior finish

The next step is preparation. The surface underneath the wallpaper might never be seen directly, but it is through this attention to detail that a flawless and long-lasting result is achieved. Over the last two decades, Paul Walden has built relationships with world-leading manufacturers of wall coverings. When you invest in this level of quality materials you should expect the result last for years to come. For that reason, we do not cut any corners that can compromise the long-term result, no matter how small the detail.

Multiple steps make a simple process

Every project goes through a rigorous 3-step process of Preparation — Compliance — Installation, plus we take extra steps to make sure you receive all the necessary advice. Every step is overseen by Paul to guarantee full transparency and a result that will exceed your expectations. All this work makes the process easier for you: Easier to make the right material choices, easier to maintain your walls over time, and easier to enjoy the breath-taking result for years to come.


As one of the most trusted installer and supplier of wallpaper and wallcoverings in the UK, my mission is to create unique and breath-taking results for discerning clients who expect the very best.

My close relationship with the world’s premier wallpaper and wall-covering manufacturers allows me to offer cutting-edge design choices that inspire the imagination of my clients and result in spectacular spaces.


I envision that my reputation of dedicated craftsmanship and guaranteed client satisfaction will position me to be regionally recognized and that my commitment to superior service will be the benchmark of excellence for others in the industry.


Craftsmanship – As a qualified Painter and Decorator by trade with over 20 years of experience, I personally oversee all installations. I have raised the bar for precise craftsmanship, and I consistently meet my own high standards.

Dedication – My dedication to my craft is absolute. I have carved a specific niche for my high-end wallpaper and wallcovering installations. However, I also offer painting services and decorating advice when requested.

Integrity – I am firmly committed to the principles of trust, transparency, and ethical behavior both on the job and in my own life.

Communication – I believe that communication is key to client satisfaction. I work closely with my clients so that I can gain insights to their vision. I am easily accessible and can be reached by phone and email.

Experience – I gained my training in Painting and Decorating with City & Guilds, where I achieved a status of ‘Distinction’ every year during my training. Because of this training and with over 20 years of experience, I have become well-known and respected throughout the UK.

Satisfaction – I hold client satisfaction as the only measurement of my success. I care about my clients; I respect their views; and I can consistently deliver impressive results because of their feedback.


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