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Our close relationship with the world’s leading wallpaper and wall-covering manufacturers gives you the opportunity to select the latest designs and create a unique and breath-taking space that people talk about.

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We are Entrusted Installers with many of the world’s leading wall-covering and wall-paper manufacturers. Correct installation and decoration essential when working with high-quality luxurious materials. From ensuring the walls are properly prepared handling the fine materials, manufacturers know that for the right results, a qualified approved installer is essential.


Vescom’s mission is clear: they offer wallcoverings and fabrics for buyers who know the mood the fabrics, colours, and patterns create is just as important as their purposes. Every product they produce meet the most stringent quality assurances and are as beautiful as they are practical.

Based in, Deurne, Netherlands, all of their processes take place in-house, in facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, and the US, with sales offices all over the world. More than 350 devoted employees pour their hearts and souls into their products, which can be seen in every fibre.

Their wallcoverings and fabrics are fire-resistant, won’t blemish from knocks and scrapes, and won’t fade in direct sunlight, while also being as environment-friendly as possible. The head office and factory are 100% CO2 neutral, so when you use their wallcoverings you can rest assured you’ve made the best choice for your project and the environment.


With 19 years of experience in proffering interior decor solutions to customers, Arthouse has 11 categories of products and 17 amazing pattern book decoration collections. From their alluring collection of metallic touch wallpapers to their impressive range of Cocoon wallpapers, they can transform your space to make it more adorable and fuller of life without tearing your pockets. We supply their wallcoverings, clocks, room separators and tiles with the potential to transform your office, lounges and homes into a more desirable and attractive spot. Their wallpapers range from an alluring combination of natural colours such as their Agate Jade wallpaper to Amazonia with many more collections available. The Ardita wallpaper collections gives your space the cosy look of a beach. They have just enough varieties of wallpapers and home decorating accessories to cover for your unique personal taste.


Daniel Heath is an Award Winning Wallpaper manufacturer based in East London. Daniel Heath has since 2007 upheld a principle of craftsmanship in producing interior designs from authentic heritage materials.

He studied traditional screen printing at Royal College of Arts, and has since used sophisticated technologies like laser engraving to create a combination of traditional, yet aesthetically contemporary wallpapers, bespoke products for interior decoration.

He has gone ahead to teach Textile technology in different universities including Staffordshire University, Central St Martins University and many others. Wallpapers and Surfaces in his collection include Taxidermy Birds, High Wire, X-Ray Damask, Oynx, Skyline, Aviary Ash Surface, Espalier Slate Tiles, Bespoke Slate Tiles, etc.


If you’re looking for wallpaper designs that would transform your home into a spring of elegance and style, the Carl Robinson brand of wallpaper designs is just perfect for you.

Having begun by designing for Burlington Wallcoverings, the brand now exclusively designs wallpapers for Wallquest Inc. using unparalleled quality of materials ranging from silk, fabric, beaded, wall art, metallized, cork, hand-crafted, grasscloth, embroidery, Swarovski to paper and non-woven materials.

The brand is currently on its 15th edition of mind-blowing sea glass wallpaper designs. Every design in each edition is a harmony of creativity and Carl’s 25 years of impeccable experience along with inspiration from diverse facets of the earth just enough to introduce an appealing luxury to your home. With offices in the U.S. and the United Kingdom, the Carl Robinson Brand distributes wallpapers to diverse locations around the world.


Lincrusta is one of the oldest wallpaper manufacturers all over the globe, producing some of the finest wall coverings, mid-century Georgian panels and other accessories designed that have been revered over centuries for giving homes the face-lift they need. Launched as far back as 1877 in Great Britain by Frederick Walton, Lincrusta has been the choice of homeowners since time immemorial, as its beauty and durability quickly appealed to Victorian England’s taste for beauty and sophistication, thereby making the company an instant success.

The original manufacturing plant was in Sunbury-on-Thames, but in 1918, the company moved its production plant to Lancashire, and till date, from there they still produce the finest designs not only for England, but for their teaming customers all over the world. Their products include stylish classical and contemporary wall coverings, Dodo panels, Friezes and Borders and other accessories.


Pittaway Ilumitex is best known for their multicolor paint effects. For over forty years, this company has produced a wide range of water-based eco-friendly paints and decorative materials. The company, Pittaway Special Coatings Ltd was established in 1978 by Mr. James Pittaway, and their products were later patented with the trade names Ilumitex and Ilumitextra.

Their wall coatings and decorations are reputed for their tasteful multi-colored appearance, seamless quality, affordability and durability. Above all things, their products are easy to install and can be completed in a day without requiring any masking or gum cleaning. They are also fire resistant, affordable, non-static and eco-friendly.

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