How to Choose The Wall Coverings for Your Commercial Space

Get it wrong and your messaging will be off
Whether you need to renovate your current commercial space or decorate somewhere new, your most crucial step will be in choosing your interior wall coverings. The walls set the tone for your environment and dictate not only how you furnish the space, but also how your employees, clients or customers feel when they visit.

Get it wrong, and your messaging will be off.


So, how do you choose the right wallpaper or work with your interior designer to find the right look?


  • Decide how you want the people who use the space to feel

If you’re working with an interior designer, you may have already discussed this.  But if you’re planning to do the redesign yourself or if you have yet to choose someone to work with, then you need to decide how you want those who use the space to feel. If you’re stuck, think about your branding – are you an exciting brand? Do you want people to feel relaxed, luxurious, excited, energized, safe? Answering this question will help you choose your colours and materials.

  • Consider the age and style of the building

The best designs work with and emphasize the beauty of the building they are in. If you are moving into an older building, it likely has features you can emphasize and work into your aesthetic and enhance the feeling and branding you desire.

  • Choose a colour palette and work with it

If you have a brand sheet or brand guide you may already have a colour palette to work with. Look at your space and your brand and choose a colour palette for your interior design. If you have darker colours in your branding, you may be able to use those as bold wall colours, if your building has a lot of windows and light; whereas, a cosier space will likely favour lighter wall colours.

  • Work with an expert

If you’re looking for specialist wall coverings, you’ll have the best results by working with an expert. Wallpaper and wall-covering specialists have an established relationship with some of the world’s best wallpaper and wall-covering manufacturers and have years of experience knowing what patterns and colours work best for each space.

If you’re looking for wallpaper or wallcoverings to create a breath-taking space everyone will talk about, we’d love to discuss your needs. Paul Walden Interiors has a reputation for re-imagining spaces and delivering an elegant and quality finish.

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