The Importance of Quality Materials for Wall Finishes

Premium doesn't have to mean expensive…

It should go without saying that quality materials lead to a quality finish – but even when that advice is given, people will cut corners to save money. Sometimes a budget finish is all you have to work with, but if you’re looking for an optimum, luxury finish, budget materials simply won’t cut it. This is especially true when it comes to finishing your walls.

Quality Doesn’t Have to Mean Expensive

A premium finish doesn’t have to mean expensive, but spending more will often guarantee you quality materials. If you want a flawless finish just as you are envisioning, set a healthy budget for the project and maintain that level of quality throughout the design or renovation. It may make financial sense to pay more for a higher quality wallcovering on a feature wall and cut back on the paint for the rest of the room, but you’ll likely regret it if you do.

If you’re looking for quality, long-lasting and durable walls, be prepared to pay more to have a better, more long-lasting finish.

Fail to Prepare, be Prepared to Fail

If you prepare your walls correctly you’ll have a great finish, even with mid-range wallpapers and coverings. If you buy luxury wallpaper or wallcoverings, don’t cut corners on the preparation. Great preparation is absolutely vital in achieving an optimum finish for your walls. Imagine paying £150 per roll of wallpaper, only to skip sanding and smoothing the walls – your finish will look uneven, no matter how skilled the decorators are.

Similarly, if the paint you are using requires a layer of primer first, buy the recommended primer for that paint. Sometimes cutting these corners are obvious immediately with bumps, bubbles, or discolouration, while other times it will only become apparent six months down the line when your walls are scuffed, frayed, or flaking away from the wall.

When you prepare your wall surfaces properly, you’ll save money in the long run.

Luxury Wallpaper and Wallcoverings

Luxury wallpaper and wallcoverings may be more expensive upfront but will save you money later down the line. Not only does it give you access to a better range of designs and finishes for your paper or fabric, but it’s easier to hang accurately, won’t fade in direct sunlight, is more environmentally friendly, and most importantly, more durable.

It doesn’t matter how cheap a wallpaper is, if it scuffs, tears, or comes away from the wall in a year or two after application, it wouldn’t have been worth your time or money. If it won’t withstand household cleaning products, the slightest mark or spill may warrant stripping the wall completely and redoing it – luxury wallpapers and wallcoverings are suitable for cleaning products and wipeable, meaning you can decorate beautifully and have a practical space.

Another major benefit luxury wallpapers and wallcoverings offer is a better standard of fire resistance. Cheap wallpapers and wallcoverings may actually feed a fire; whereas, luxury papers have been well tested for their fire resistance and won’t contribute heavily to the rate a fire spreads.

Achieve the Optimum Finish

It’s clear that the benefits of choosing quality materials far outweigh the financial savings of choosing budget or mid-range materials. Luxury wallpapers and wallcoverings are easier to hang, live or work around, and some even print your paper specifically for your space, meaning your paper or wallcovering looks almost seamless. There certainly won’t be any lumps or bumps where two sheets of paper or fabric meet.

If you aren’t sure you’ll make the right choice, why not get an expert to help? We have years of experience and access to a range of designer wallpapers you may not find independently.

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