8 Tips for Home Office Decorating

 (Make it a Space You Love!) 

Home office decorating has grown this past year with more and more working from home.  The pandemic has forced most of us to try the much-coveted work-from-home lifestyle.  

It’s challenging for many when it doesn’t really feel like you’ve gone to work. Because, that line between your work life and home life become blurred.  As a result, we often put up with workspaces we wouldn’t enjoy if we worked in an office elsewhere.

The best solution? Create a working environment you love, that elevates you, and helps you step into a work mode every time you walk through the door.


Here are my top tips to help you do just that!

Regardless of whether you love working from home or can’t wait to get back to your office, make your home office a space you adore. It will go a long way to increasing your daily happiness and productivity.

Whether you’re into mid-century modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, French country design, or something else entirely, you can transform your chosen room into a place of creativity and inspiration.  All it takes is a little planning and a vision of how you want your home office to look.

8 Tips to Make Your Home Office Somewhere You Love to Spend Time


  • Choose a Colour Scheme:

    Once you know which room you’d like to work in, it’s time to get started with a colour scheme. If you plan to decorate heavily with motivational artwork, whiteboards, or photos, it’s often best to start with a bright, neutral base. Bright white will help reflect light around your office and allows you to freely choose any other colours for your room. However, if plain white feels a little clinical, off-white is generally the best option. You want an infusion of bright colours and prints, so think carefully about what energises you and what makes you feel tired. Bright colours may be your choice, so having them on the wall behind your computer may work well for you.

    Should your eyes tire easily when presented with busy patterns, it may be better to put a feature wall behind you (it will be a beautiful Zoom backdrop!). The purchase of new furniture for your office makeover may be in your plans. So make sure you consider the colours of your furniture before setting your heart on your colour scheme. If you have a lot of light and white furniture, dark navy blue on all four walls may look spectacular. But it will likely make your office feel too dark with walnut furniture.

  • Use Wallpaper to Improve Durability and Style:

    Now that you have decided on your ideal colour scheme, it will be easy to choose the wallpaper, furniture and accents to match. Wallpaper is durable, cost-effective and offers you a huge range of patterns, colours, finishes, and even art. Wallpaper can last three times longer than paint. Many modern wallpapers are even washable, so it can look beautiful and stand up to some wear and tear.

    Accent walls are a great way to use wallpaper in your home office decorating. This is especially true if you aren’t bold enough (or if your chosen wallpaper is too bold) to cover all four walls. Wallpaper and wall coverings offer even more choice when it comes to creating the right atmosphere in your office. Busy wallpaper patterns, paired with a rug and dark or warm-toned curtains makes for a cosy office space, whereas block colours or simple patterns create space and lightness. The possibilities are endless, and the best part is, you get to choose each element.

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  • Use Mirrors for Style and Light for your Home Office Decorating:

    Home office decorating should incorporate plenty of light. It will not only make your space feel bigger, but it will help you feel more productive too. We often use mirrors to create more space in rooms in other areas of the home, and so it makes sense to do so for your home office too. This trick works for artificial light and natural light, but you may need to try a few different things to find the perfect solution once the sun goes down. Just make sure you can’t see directly into a mirror from your workstation as it may become distracting or bounce light into your eyes at certain times of day.

  • Add Elements That Feel “You”

    Just because your home office is a workspace doesn’t mean it can’t feel quintessentially “you”. Similarly, if you work for yourself, then incorporating elements of your own brand into your office can be a great touch and help you better embody the person you want to show up as when you sit down at your desk every day. If the rest of your home is full of houseplants, bring that into your home office. If you long for walks on the beach, why not incorporate shells and photos of beautiful beaches?

  • Try to Create an Upscale Feel with your home office decorating:

    Working from home often means the lines between who “we” are and our working persona becomes blurred, and that’s not always a good thing. If you struggle to leave your work at the end of the day or find your days blending into one, consider making your office feel a little different and, ideally, more luxurious than the rest of your home.This can be as simple as choosing a wallpaper design that makes you feel opulent but that you wouldn’t necessarily have in your living room because you’ve got kids, dogs, or simply like to feel comfy when you relax. Not only can this help you feel more confident when you step into the office each day, but you can better differentiate your spaces in your mind.

  • Bring the Outside In:

    Do you sit at your desk staring longingly out the window, wishing you could get outside? Whether you’d genuinely love to be outside or actually only prefer it when the weather’s good, consider bringing the outside in. Try using landscapes and floral patterned wallpaper, photos, art, and prints on your fabrics. There are some stunning landscape wallpapers that will help you feel more relaxed if your office leaves you itching to get outdoors.

  • Home Office Decorating must include your Accessorising:

    Table-top, wall, and shelf accessories are also a must-have, as are soft furnishings. If you choose an accent wall for your wallpaper, try to find a print that complements that of your wallpaper. It doesn’t need to match; often, something complementary or even contrasting can really pull the room together.

  • Don’t Forget the Importance of Lighting:

    Natural lighting can make a room feel bigger, which can be invaluable in a smaller space. If you’re a fan of natural light (or a plant parent!), you may like the idea of a fogged film. This film allows you to keep curtains open or blinds up without worrying that your neighbours can see you at work all day.

    If your workspace doesn’t have a lot of natural light, you can easily supplement it with several small light sources. Task lighting is handy in a home office; it provides bright and focused light so you can see every detail of your work. Accent lighting draws visual interest to your favourite artwork, plant or prized certificates. If you’ve chosen a wallpaper with a metallic finish, don’t forget to think about how your light sources will hit it. A beautiful dark, metallic forest-themed wallpaper is breath-taking, but if it’s always in shadow, you’ll never see the metallic accents.

Just because an office space serves a practical purpose doesn’t mean it shouldn’t reflect your individuality and sense of style.

As we find ourselves spending more time at home, it’s certainly worth investing some time and effort into our home workspaces. After all, we work best when we’re comfortable, inspired, and focused, so why not make that room the best it can be?

If you are considering your home office decorating options, don’t be afraid to reach out. I am passionate about helping you achieve your dream room design, and the right wallpaper can completely transform a room, so it’s well worth getting it right.

If you’d like to learn more about my installations on the Isle of Wight and further afield, drop me a message here or call me on 07812 951145. I’d love to help you achieve your dream home office.

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