5 Steps to Choosing the Right Wallpaper for Your Dining Room

Avoid flip flopping

Wallpaper has come flying back into fashion and your dining room is the perfect place to experiment with a new look. Wallpaper can completely transform a room, even if you plan to keep the same flooring and furniture. There are so many designs, textures, and colours to choose from, you may find choosing the perfect wallpaper for your dining room a little overwhelming.

Read on to follow these five steps to easily choose your dining room wallpaper.

Step 1: Assess Your Space

Assess your room – how big is it? How much natural light does it get and at what times of day? Consider what flooring and furniture are in the room now and if any of your current décor is going to carry over to the new room. You may love the idea of a dark room with copper tones, but if you intend to keep your current flooring and furniture, they may not match with the darker tones. Look at every aspect of the room and think about what won’t work.

Step 2: What Look Do You Want to Create?

Different wallpapers and colours create different looks and moods for a room. How do you want your room to look and feel?  Glamourous? Rustic? Soothing? Ask yourself how you want to feel each time you’re in the room and work from there. Keep a keyword or two in your mind as you search and if a wallpaper doesn’t match it – even if you love it – move on. Also, consider whether you are going to paper the whole room or just an accent wall. If it’s the latter, you may choose to go big and bold to make the most of that feature wall.

Step 3: Bold or Subtle?

As you know, if you’ve already started searching for the right dining room wallpaper for yourself, there are beautiful subtle designs, bold talking-point artwork, and everything in between. Decide which look you want to create so you aren’t flip-flopping between a subtle striped paper and a bold floral pattern, as they will create completely different looks.

Step 4: Create a Shortlist

Using the guidelines you now have; you can start searching for your ideal wallpaper in earnest. Start searching for designers and designs you love and create a shortlist. Keep in mind the theme and mood you want to create and discard anything that doesn’t fit with that vision. Order samples when you finish your shortlist of the wallpapers you are most interested in.

Step 5: Choose Your Paper

Choosing wallpaper for your home dining room is a personal choice, so if there’s a bold design you absolutely love, go for it. Avoid cheap wallpapers and if you’re nervous you can often hang a sample on the wall and see how it looks in different lighting. You don’t need to make your decision immediately, live with the sample or samples for a few days before you make your decision – just make sure you pull the trigger eventually!

If you still feel out at sea and are worried that you’ll make the wrong decision for your dining room, why not hire an expert to guide you? If you have a project and don’t feel confident enough to tackle it alone, we’re more than happy to discuss your project with you.

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